Can I sort my folders and feeds by oldest first?




  • Roman

    First setting I was looking for, I hope it's implemented soon.

  • Jeff M

    Yes, I literally will not use this reader without that feature.

  • Jamie Fong

    Definitely, this is a big deal.

  • Keith Poole

    Yes I badly need this feature

  • Aaron Berning

    Yup. Another must have.

  • Caleb Bender

    +1. This is a must have

  • Sam Ganim

    Agreed. Need this feature.

  • Holly B

    Essential.  Almost as essential as ability to see only non-read items...... 

  • Nastassja Riemermann

    I see that you're working on this, which is good since I really can't even start using Digg Reader until it's implemented.  It'd be great if you can send us an e-mail once it's ready.

  • Christina Gerrish

    Need this feature, agree with all the comments prior. It was the first thing I looked for.

  • Jennifer Kang

    Also alphabetize the subscriptions please.

  • Giles Todd

    Since there seems to be no progress with regard to this feature, how about a 'skip to oldest unread' button so that those of us who like to read oldest-first can do so using the 'k' key to move to newer messages. Having to scroll to the oldest message, as at present, just wastes time and bandwidth.

  • Nastassja Riemermann

    What's taking so long, anyway?  I've been too long without a feed reader...

  • Keith Poole

    @Giles Todd - Yes, please yes!

  • Nastassja Riemermann

    Went on FB and asked for other recommendations, and was told about Feedly - I'll be using that from now on.

  • Keith Poole

    Yeah I've got Feedly too, but I had huge migration issues and got too pissy with it. It has most of the wanted features though. Beward of the Chrome incorporation - it may drive you mental.

  • The Jaguar

    The lack of this single feature is the only thing holding me back from transitioning from Feedly over to Digg. Is there an ETA on when this will be released?

  • Dan Levy

    Heard you just released an Android app and came to give the web version a try (was pointless before the app was released).

    You NEED to add a "sort by oldest first" ASAP. C'mon it's been 2 months since the above question was made and as you answered it's a "highly-requested feature" and this discussion is included in your FAQ. 

    Entire DIGG Reader is pretty useless without this option.

  • Chase Hamilton

    Agreed. I'll switch from Feedly when it sorting is implemented.

  • Matt Bosler

    Pretty please?

  • ricecurryman

    4 months and I wish I could move away from feedly. Sorting by oldest is the only thing keeping me away from digg reader.

  • Istvan Urban

    I'm still patiently waiting :)

  • Vadmeste

    Sorting by oldest is an interesting feature, I need it in both the Web and the Android app. I am still with Feedly but I guess your solution is more fast. So I will wait for that feature first ;-)

  • Roman

    @Vadmeste Don't hold your breath, as you can see we've been waiting for almost 5 months for this basic feature.

  • hitchpy

    come on ! we are still waiting!

  • smr1973

    Six months for this most basic of organizational features? C'mon, Digg. I _really_ love the look of your RSS app, it's far cleaner and by far my favorite among all of the post-GReader replacement apps. But, without this feature, I simply can't use it. Is it even still being worked on, or did you guys just jump into creating a barebones app to get the nearly-dead Digg name back in the news on the back of the GReader shutdown announcement? 

  • Vadmeste

    Could you at least confirm that you are planning this feature ? At least you will know that you didn't abandon developing you RSS reader XD

  • Adam Haile

    Please add this feature ASAP!! So far, feature and UI wise, I like Digg Reader the best but I CANNOT use it unless it's sorted by oldest first.

  • Alexey Strelkov

    And still nothing. Switching to feedly, digg never cared for their users

  • Eric Stogsdill

    I won't use Digg Reader until this feature is added. It's a deal breaker for me.

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