Can I change the view to only see new articles, and folders containing new articles?




  • Rick Hensley

    Second that. 

  • Camilo Telles

    sure, this is a must have. 

  • Camilo Telles

    it's essencial for my workflow to be google reader like.

  • Anton Berezin

    Thumbs up

  • dobisan

    +1  :)

  • Justin Greenough

    Agreed.... *some* indicator of whether a feed has unread articles in the left sidebar would be VERY helpful.  A counter...greying out read ones...something like that.

  • Desidério Murcho

    My two cents: one should be able to only see updated feeds on the left; and we should be able to click a button to only see unread articles. Well, just like Google Reader, I guess. The best about DiggReader is that it is fast and clean. I am loving it! :)

  • Aaron Berning

    Loving it so far, but this is a big omission and will really put it over the top!

  • Thom Unger

    Without this, I won't be here for long.  It's too frustrating trying to guess which feeds I haven't read yet.  And I don't like to read all the feeds in one uninterrupted stream.  That said, I'm guessing y'all are hard at work on this obvious feature, and I want to thank you for all the hard, fast work you've done to create what is here so far.

  • Michael Wendell

    Agreed 100% about the need to see only new articles in the main window, although I actually like to see all of my folders on the left (preferably with some indication of whether  a feed or folder has new articles).

  • S.R.W.

    I love how it looks. I have to agree with the rest of the crowd here. Great start though, I love how lightweight it currently feels. I am sure some of that might be given up as this project develops but so far it's a very promising start. 

  • Buddy Whittenburg

    I agree with everyone else - this feature needs to be at the top of the to-do list.

  • Jeff M

    Yes, only showing unread articles is key.  Also maybe the folder on the left start out collapsed to reduce clutter.  Also, can you sort by oldest unread to newest unread?

  • James Alexander

    Even if it is not the final visual design, I think you need some visual indication of which feeds have unread items right away. Expecting users to browse through each and every feed looking for unread items is unusable. There is a setting for showing unread counts, which I have enabled, but I see no such indication.

  • Dale Flannery

    I thought Digg reader was going to *duplicate* Google reader (and maybe have some extra Digg magic).

    Lack of a "mark read" keyboard shortcut and failure to hide read items seems a bit half-hearted.

    The appearence of Digg reader UI is closer to greader than Feedly has managed, but in functionality Feedly is closer to greader UX than Digg.

    Looking forward to further improvements, and maybe using the feedly API and other aggregator API's for the backend.

  • Sam Goetz

    How is this missing??  Wasn't this suppossed to be a google reader clone?  What gives?

  • Naru

    I need this too !!

  • paulo saiz navarro

    Definitely a must have!

  • Michael Camilleri

    I really like the new design of Digg but agree that this is a must-have.

  • John Joseph Adams

    +1 Being able to view only "unread" items is ESSENTIAL.

  • Ryan Lee Waldron


  • Austin Garrod

    So far this is my only issue

  • Sandra Giarde

    Yep, not having a way to view the "unreads" makes or breaks a RSS reader for me.

  • Isaac Shalev

     99% of the time I don't need to see feeds that have no content, it's just noise. Gimme more signal!

  • Nickkwest

    This would be wonderful.

  • James Carnes


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